Decor Boards

We offer a wide and unique variety of Decor Board options to display your interior decor selections. We utilize our team of Graphic Artists and professional equipment to produce high quality images and a professional product. With endless size and finish options available, our team can put together the perfect tool to supplement your marketing program.

  • Digital Laminated Boards
  • Cut & Paste Boards
  • Endless size and finish options
  • Color corrected images
  • Web ready and high resolution images

Some charges may apply.

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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services are an extension of our Decor Board Services and Photography Services. We specialize in high resolution, color corrected images of all of your interior components. We can photograph or scan everything from wallboards, fabrics, carpet, woodgrains and flooring for use in your marketing materials. Web ready images also available.

Please see our Photography and Decor Board Services for additional information.

Some charges may apply.

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The Studio is equipped with a fully functional Photography room for shooting professional photos of all of your Patrick Industries products. Let our Marketing Team shoot photos of our products, make them shine with professional editing tools, and provide to you for use in your marketing materials.

Some charges may apply.

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3D Printing

Our in-house 3D printing services are a value-add service that allows you to see and feel your new product faster, and without the cost or commitment to tooling. Our CAD Engineers can work with you on fine tuning your ideas in a 3D Illustrations then print the actual 3D prototype right before your eyes! How fun is that?

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3D Illustration

Want to see what your new product will look like without spending the time or money involved with prototyping? Let our Engineers and Interior Designers work with you to create a realistic 3D Illustration of your product. Whether you’re working on a new style of fascia or a new front cap, we can bring your ideas to life right before your eyes! Come work hand in hand with our team in one of The Studio’s fully equipped workrooms, or just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll draw it up and email it back. That simple!

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Interior Design

Our professional Design Team is at your service to help you design and develop your brand, and create the image and product you desire. This free service is a value-add to all of Patrick’s great products and services.

No matter what project you’re working on, or what product you’re looking for, our Interior Designers are here to help! We can walk you through our 22,000 square foot showroom and help you select everything from cabinet doors to exterior sidewall color. Or, if you know just what you’re looking for, we will do the running and bring it to you. We work with you on your terms and in your time frame. Your assigned Interior Designer can be your one point of contact for all of the products from any of Patrick Industries’ divisions. We work hand in hand with all of our Sales, Customer Service, and Engineering teams to ensure you are getting the best products within your desired time frame.

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