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Brilho Interior

Bristling with metallic energy, Brilho Interior, the CMG Latin American 2017 key color, is emerging as a grounded, rich hue with a distinct edge for the modern world.

Suggesting an inner glow extracted from the earth, the pink-copper influence offers hearth-like warmth, and the lustrous shimmer connotes health. But this metallic transcends any ostentation and is more about grounding, contemplation, and rejuvenation.

From its roots as an earthly color, its intensity and appearance varies depending on the viewing angle and special effect. Perfectly rendered in a metallic finish for automotive and specialty products, it is just as intriguing when seen as a solid color in fashion and home textiles. This is not a simple version of “orangebrown.” It brings a modern edge when mixed with plum or navy, creates an urban camouflage with black and grey, and establishes equilibrium with foliage green and watery aqua.

Brilho Interior is inspired by a simple color from the earth but takes on a sophisticated world.

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