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There was plenty of change in the air at the January 2017 edition of Maison & Objet! Color was definitely on the move and reordering priorities. On the style front, classic elements were creeping into this usually contemporary fair. And here are more details from this crucial European show:


  • Greens were everywhere
  • Brown’s advance began eroding black’s popularity
  • Last spring’s pastel values were up front again

Material and Textures

  • Stone retained its popularity
  • Copper remained a mainstream choice
  • Metalized glass emerged

Icons and Themes

  • Geometry showed a softer side
  • Entomology returned to trend
  • A more-is-better attitude brought maximalism to the fore

The Maison & Objet trade fair, held in Paris, is considered the most directional décor show in Europe, if not the world. That’s why The Trend Curve team heads across the Atlantic twice each year to attend it, and why you need to know about the colors, materials and designs that made news at the January edition of this important fair.

Color was part of the update. To begin with, a reordering of priorities caused color families that have not been on the trend radar recently to advance. Others retreated. Neutrals pursued new directions with remarkable vigor.

On the style front, the creeping influence of classic elements and the emergence of maximalism suggested that this fair’s penchant for contemporary looks will have some real competition in the coming three years.

Original publication: The Trend Curve